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No one should be expected to give money to any institution or nonprofit organization simply because the institution needs money. People make financial commitments to invest in the mission and values of an organization that has a Vision. Through their gifts, donors become stakeholders in something greater than themselves. Through their investment in the greater Vision, they can make more of a difference in the world than they could by acting alone.

In any nonprofit organization, vision must express the agency's future intentions for expanding or enhancing its programs and services. The vision describes how the organization plans to touch and change people's lives through the various facets of its Mission. The Vision goes far beyond meeting internal organizational needs. The Vision gives every participant in the organization an opportunity to reach out and make a difference in their community and in the world.

The crafting of an organization's Vision for the Future, the sharing and refinement of that Vision throughout the constituency base, and the ultimate funding of the Vision through a fundraising campaign should energize virtually every aspect of an organization's life. This is an inclusive process that enables rich and poor, young and old, newcomers and long-term members to be captivated by its work. Each member of the community should find a place to express his/her unique role and special talent that each person brings to that organization's overall Mission.