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When your leadership team determines that your organization is ready to move forward in the campaign planning process, we can now begin to focus attention on organizational Goals and specific Objectives. Within this process, it will be important for the Planning Team to keep in mind possible organization-wide funding objectives, as well as the project priorities that are integral to the overall campaign.

As you proceed through this discussion, it will be important to register in everyone's thinking certain distinctions and clarification of terminology: Mission - the Mission Statement for the organization declares the reason for the agency's existence and its primary purpose for serving this community. Vision - The Vision Statement for the organization adds the future dimension to the agency's mission, articulating in a concise manner how the Team envisions the organization's life and purpose at the end of the next ten or twenty or thirty years.

  • Goals - The Goal Statement functions to relate the campaign to the fundamental Mission of the organization, relating back to that mission, and showing how the goals, when achieved, will fulfill the Vision and help further the Mission over time.
  • Objectives - An objective is more focused and will be measurable within a concrete timeframe. Each objective relates to a goal, and there may be more than one objective to help achieve a goal. Objectives must have an associated cost.
  • Strategies - Each objective will have a sequence of strategies, and each strategy will tell the reader how the objective will be accomplished and by when. The strategy will also indicate who will be involved, and it can be evaluated for effectiveness.
  • Tasks - Each strategy will require a series of tasks to be accomplished, and might even be outlined on a month-to-month basis over the course of the plan.