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Why can’t we do a Feasibility Study ourselves? PDF Print E-mail


brokenSome organizations think they can “save a dime” at the beginning of their campaign by doing it themselves, but this seldom works. The problem is that your people, your donors and your prospects will often tell you what they think you want to hear, rather than what they really think.

This leads to all sorts of faulty assumptions. A good number of your board members or your key members will not want to “open up” to an insider. And few people in your organization will have the experience to know what to include in such a study.

In a recent article directed to churches contemplating a capital campaign, we find the following comment from an experienced executive: “If the other churches – the majority in our study – had conducted a feasibility study, the end product would have been one of even greater satisfaction.” The same could be said of any nonprofit organization contemplating a major gift or a capital campaign.