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CommunityNexus Consulting has several options in a framework within which you may discuss a contractual obligation with us.

Long-Term Development Counsel: One Year
This is the most economical approach on a time and effort basis. Also it is the most productive relationship for sustained growth in endowment development and for cultivating a planned giving constituency.

The one year agreement is constructed in quarterly segments, with the organization in control of the work plan at the beginning of each segment. Objectives are set for each quarter and the time/effort commitment is established appropriate to the objectives in the Scope of Work. On the basis of discussion with your leadership team and your changing needs, the agreement is renewed, expanded or modified at the end of each quarter and a new Work Plan is constructed.

On a long-term agreement, our billing rate takes into account the number of days we are expected to spend on-site with your agency, as well as the days we must spend in preparation and in follow-up to specific tasks in the Scope of Work. On-site days are scheduled in advance and all consultant time is accounted for on a daily basis in monthly Time & Effort reports. Telephone and email consultation is unlimited.

Short-Term Retainer: Three to Six Months

This is a flexible and open-ended approach that many nonprofits prefer while they are in a start-up period or when they are in a transition mode to new executive leadership. This type of agreement is particularly well-suited for board development and training strategies, feasibility studies, foundation organization, and other development tasks where there are specific products and time-lines involved.

Again, the organization sets the agenda and the consulting agreement is reached through the construction of a Work Plan that makes clear the expected level of consultant time and effort. Depending on the nature of the Work Plan, demarcation points are set for review / appraisal / modification of the agreement so that all parties are clear about the tasks at hand and compensation required.

On such a short-term retainer, the contracted fee is paid by the agency on a monthly basis (commensurate with the time & effort expected), and our firm will bill against the retainer each month. Since such a contract is usually focused on a discreet product, the basic minimum agreement is usually set at ten days per month, but this can be flexible. Consultant time is accounted for monthly in half-day and full-day periods, and there are no restrictions on telephone or email consultation.

Project by Project Commitments By Arrangement
For special projects, our fees are negotiated based on the Scope of Work for the project, the number of professional consultants involved, and the intensity of the work required. We must sit with your leadership team to define the associated tasks, and we quote our fees based on your project requirements. There is no cost or obligation to the agency for this initial consultation process.

If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us.



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