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 Principles Underlying the Collaboration Process

Collaboration itself is a value-laden process that brings great benefit to the nonprofit organization. We have no "off-the-shelf" products that we impose on your organization. The circumstances that each organization finds itself in will determine much of the collaboration strategy that we define, and here we share some of the principles that guide our work.

  • The principle is maintained that your organization can decide, at any point in the process, to mount a campaign "on your own," establishing your goals, your budget, and your methodologies to meet your needs. We only want to be engaged with you when you believe our services provide a "value added" dimension beyond what you can do for yourself.
  • Any executive officer or Board member may contact CommunityNexus Consulting, LLC to request assistance in the broad field of resource development. One of our partners will meet with the development steering committee or executive staff to present an overview of CNC Consulting   services and assist the Board in thinking through its options. There is no cost or obligation for this   initial consultation.

If the organization decides to engage ComunityNexus Consulting as its assisting agent, the following rules of collaboration will guide the working relationship:

  • A written Letter of Agreement will be drafted that will spell out the level of services to be provided by CommunityNexus Consulting, and the expected administrative responsibilities at the organizational  level, e.g. local supervision of the internal campaign procedures and campaign budget management.
  • One of our partners will always assume the role of "Project Executive" and will be an available "point   of contact" with you. When the project is extensive in geographic reach or scope of time, CommunityNexus Consulting will provide up to three prospective professionals for the organization to consider as their "campaign consultant." These persons are all among our group of Consulting Associates, any one of whom would be a qualified professional with deep experience in working with nonprofit institutions on campaigns and resource development. Once a consultant is selected, and an appropriate scope of work is established, the organization will pay to CommunityNexus Consulting a  fee covering the first 30-60-90 days of the Agreement.
  • The consultant will function as an "extension agent" of CNC Consulting in his/her assignment to the local project, working in concert with CNC partners on campaign implementation procedures consistent with all strategies outlined in the Campaign Plan. Regular reports on progress are always built into the Campaign implementation schedule.
  • While our Letter of Agreement will specify a 6 or 12 or 24 month period for the time we anticipate working together, we seek to avoid "locking you in" with a long term contract. A progress review will   be conducted at the end of each 90-day period to ensure that value is maintained in the Letter of Agreement. Either CNC Consulting or the organization may request modification or termination of the Letter of Agreement at any specified interval (30-60-90 days) without penalty or further obligation.

                             If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us.