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Market Analysis, Planning and Management

A nonprofit organization may decide rather abruptly to launch a capital "campaign" but find that no one in the organization expects to do anything special to make it happen. Organizing a campaign takes much more than an administrative decision. And a capital campaign is not a "quick fix" for what often might appear as a need for long-range organizational planning.

Launching a capital campaign requires total commitment in the organization, including the institution's Board and executive leadership. There is no substitute for careful market analysis and strategic planning. Recently one organization spent two years in strategic program planning, then launched, and successfully completed, its capital campaign in six weeks. Every organization is different, and each campaign requires a close "fit" between Board leadership, executive management and fundraising counsel. We can provide the assistance you need at several stages, including:

  • Campaign feasibility and market analysis
  • Identifying and developing campaign leadership
  • Developing appropriate major gift opportunities
  • Developing and testing a campaign CASE statement
  • Managing the campaign volunteer leadership structure
  • Developing a cultivation and solicitation calendar
  • Building an appropriate donor recognition strategy
  • Building a team approach with staff and volunteers
  • Using planned giving as a way to build endowment.