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Corporate Support Strategy Development and Implementation

When an organization starts to plan a fundraising campaign, the assumption is often made that corporations are just waiting out there to give away money to each and every worthy cause that pops up. Then the nonprofit’s staff and volunteers are surprised when their appeal letters get nothing but polite rejections. But why should they be surprised?

Corporations consistently provide a solid 5% of total giving to philanthropic causes. But many billions of dollars more are provided to charitable organizations through cause-related marketing and advertising promotions. This is not philanthropy but smart investing on the part of the corporate sector to build a responsible public image, and nonprofits must learn to position themselves to take advantage of this opportunity. We can help by showing you how. You may wish to discuss with us:

  • Marketing specific products available to your organization
  • Building a corporate visibility program
  • Cultivating corporate leadership for your Board
  • Building a program of corporate involvement
  • Exploring opportunities for corporate liaison
  • Cause-related marketing for your organization
  • Building opportunities for corporate social investments
  • In-kind and executive loan corporate support programs
  • Building long-term public/private partnerships.