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Endowment Building through Planned Gift Techniques PDF Print E-mail

Following passage of the Tax Reform Act in 1990, most nonprofits have discovered that financial planning is an essential part of each major donor's decision on a major gift. Now, every major gift tends to be a planned gift. But this does not mean that every planned gift must be a deferred gift. On the contrary. Even those donors with modest resources are usually willing to consider a substantial gift "up front" if the gift presentation is structured properly.

Endowment building is now essential for those organizations actively implementing long-range program goals. Yet endowment building requires a totally different approach to the "normal" fundraising program. We can show you how, and help implement such a strategy. Elements, which require consideration, include:

  1. Firming up board commitments for endowment.
  2. Building a marketing program for Planned Gifts.
  3. Developing information materials tailored for your audience.
  4. Technical assistance on major gift presentations.
  5. Developing investment options that encourage donors to use their assets on behalf of your organization.
  6. Developing gift models involving bequests, securities, trusts, real estate, annuities, patents, insurance and retirement plans.
  7. Developing endowment management strategies that will maximize fiscal security and dollar return for the organization.