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Planning and Performance Evaluation

During periods of rapidly expanding enrollments, growth in membership and community involvement, a nonprofit organization or educational institution can build programs and services without being overly concerned about sources of income. Those days are behind us, however. We can no longer take growth for granted. With many more competitors for the same source of funds, a nonprofit now must be certain about its mission, clear about the needs of its constituency, and responsible in the management of the resources it has at its disposal.

A solid record of grants management, an accountability system for budgeting and allocating resources, and a long-range view are now essential. Grants from both public and private sector sources are available for both program and operational support, but the nonprofit must be well positioned to be competitive. Even if an organization now finds itself overly dependent on government grants, careful planning and evaluation of programs can help broaden the base of support. We can assist in such areas as:

  • a grants management and record keeping system
  • a focused Mission statement to guide all program initiatives
  • goal setting as a process in each Key Result Area
  • objectives and strategies to accomplish specific goals
  • management procedures with appraisal by results
  • performance evaluation tied into the program planning cycle
  • grant seeking and proposal development tied to Mission & Goals
  • operational planning tied to budget allocation procedures
  • grant management as leverage for expanding resources.