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The key to success for your nonprofit organization (and many others) will be the intensity with which the agency can focus on satisfying its constituency base. Attention always must be given to planning, board management and resource development, as well as to direct financial outlays for program implementation. However, in order to do these things well, attention must be given to meeting the distinct needs of the people who constitute your organization's immediate constituencies, which will ensure a productive long term stream of revenue. How does your organization define its immediate constituency? If yours is a membership-driven agency, attention must be given to the inquiries that come from participants and members, always ensuring that the information provided is accurate and up-to-date.

Moreover, attention must be given to the activities of your competitors in the market place, not that you should undercut them but that you can define your own niche and fill it with quality programs for which participants will come back again and again.

Membership development in any nonprofit organization must be built on sound marketing principles, that is, quite simply, the “exchange concept:” something-for-something. For too long, nonprofit organizations have been satisfied to ask “something-for-nothing" in return. That no longer works.

The people at CommunityNexus Consulting can help you develop a Marketing Plan for your organization, taking into account the characteristics of your current and potential constituencies. It is something not easily done from within your organization alone, especially when your staff is already stretched thin keeping up with daily tasks. When we engage in such a project with a typical nonprofit agency, we give attention to:

  • Insights gained from a broad spectrum in the community
  • Scanning results from your market-basket competition
  • Positioning your goals as a community priority
  • Realistic assessments of your external constraints
  • Expanding outreach to potential new markets
  • Evaluation of gaps in your service delivery
  • Assessing perceptions of your current members
  • Exploring new services that bring value to members
  • Communications techniques to maximize message impact
  • Developing strategies for membership retention.