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Organizational Goal Setting and Strategic Planning

Some corporate executives claim that Strategic Planning is the single most important function of the Chief Executive Officer in any organization. Regardless of your point of view about that, it is clear that Strategic Planning is critical for determining where your organization should be going, so that all administrative, program and volunteer efforts can point in the same direction.

Strategic Planning requires visionary and directional thinking, but it must be carried out within a framework of action that leads to the achievement of consistent and desired results. There are seven specific components of a strategic plan, all interrelated, which together form the basis for an integrated management system for the organization. No matter whether it is large or small, a truly effective organization will emerge when a fully integrated process, both vertically and horizontally, is put into place. We can provide you assistance in such areas as:

  • Board Involvement in the Planning Process
  • Connecting Planning to Organizational Mission and Goals
  • Scanning the Environment: External and Internal
  • Linking Strategies and Implementation Schedules
  • Positioning to Seize Opportunities for Growth & Service
  • Connecting Planning with Resource Development & Management
  • Essentials of Accountability and Evaluation (Appraisal by Results)
  • A Shared Vision: Building Organizational Consensus