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This young and dynamic consulting firm, founded as a partnership in 2005, draws together more than sixty years of experience in strategic planning and fundraising for a wide range of nonprofit agencies, institutions, and organizations. Our primary area of service is the greater Eastern Atlantic region, but we continue to work with clients across the United States.

In recent years, our partners have worked with:

Dr. E. Maynard Moore, Principal and Managing Partner, has been a consultant in financial resource development and management for non-profit organizations on a full-time basis for more than twenty-five years. The work of CommunityNexus Consulting is broadened by the expertise of several Consulting Associates, all of whom maintain credentials in their specialty areas.



Despite giving more than $1 million a year to nonprofits, roughly one-third of high-net-worth donors do not see themselves as philanthropists, according to a report from the Center for High Impact Philanthropy at the University of Pennsylvania. Those same donors also have a negative view of funding evaluation efforts, and find it difficult, even when they believe it is the right choice, to discontinue funding nonprofits with which they have an established relationship. -- read more >>