Our Philosophy Print

A productive working relationship between a nonprofit organization and a consulting / assisting agent requires an open and dynamic commitment to mutually defined goals. In this relationship, the heart of the matter is the mission of the nonprofit institution. Its mission, vision, goals and objectives will provide the impetus for resource development. That's where we can help.

Ours is a collaborative approach. We cannot raise money for you. But we can work together to raise money with you. And when we reach the benchmarks of success, it will be the result of the focused, intentional effort of all parties involved.

We build on your past achievements, the skills that you bring to the mission of your organization, and the energy of your volunteers and leadership team, intending to enhance your own capacities for future advancement. With your internal resources and contextual knowledge combined with our experience and technical expertise, we want to help you create a new future for your institution.

Here are a few principles that guide our work:

  1. Your mission, and the opportunities before your organization, are central.
  2. We help you to define your strengths, and enable you to build on them.
  3. We will do only those things that are essential, and we have no products to sell.
  4. We will not handle your money, nor will we manage your contributions.
  5. Your prospects and contributors remain yours -- we don't sell mailing lists.
  6. We state our fees up front, and work from a Letter of Agreement.
  7. We avoid long term contracts, so that you are in charge of all associated costs.
  8. We value transparency in all our transactional matters.

Our commitment as a firm is to the well-being of our clients in the nonprofit sector. We will never undertake a project for which we know we do not have the expertise. At the same time, we respect the privacy and the prerogatives of the donors who make financial and personal commitments so critical to the success of organizations in the nonprofit sector. Cultivating those relationships are crucial to the well-being of all institutions in the nonprofit sector, and they should never be compromised.

We have special concerns about the well-being of the religious institutions in our society. The world in which we grew up in the mid-twentieth century has changed, gone forever. We are saddened when we see religious institutions, especially those numbered in mainline Protestantism, searching for a past that may not have been as glorious as faded memories have become. Be that as it may, we believe that our churches (and other institutions of faith), have much to contribute to a civil society. And we always welcome the opportunity to work with the leaders of those institutions who want to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their resources.

Our principal partner has a vocational faith commitment, and we hope that this commitment always informs and guides our work with any nonprofit institution engaging us for professional assistance. We rejoice when this is a local church, as it reaches inward in ministry to its members and outward to enhance its impact on the community and the world around us.

Our mission is community nexus where we can identify those resources lying latent or unused, and when we can help direct those community resources to the ends inherent to the mission of our clients. The result will be the creation of something new in the world, emerging out of the nexus where vision interacts with enterprise, and people in our communities are then better off for it.

It is only in this context that a single individual can make a difference. Our own individual talents, limited though these might be, when joined with the commitments of others in a common cause, can bring about great things in our world.

We welcome the opportunity to discover how we can join with you. Please feel free to contact us.